Sunday, March 11, 2012

Better Nerf Irelia!

Irelia is one of the champions who has been nerfed consecutively almost every patch. Even though other champions are considered more overpowered, Riot feels as though Irelia needed changing.
Throughout the forums, players kept complaining about the overpowered champion, begging Riot to nerf her to the ground. The meme "Better nerf Irelia" came about when a new patch was about to release. The whole player base foreshadowed an Orianna nerf, however that was not the case. Riot hit Irelia with a hard nerf.

Ryan "Morello" Scott is the Lead Champion Designer at Riot Games and is in charge of champion nerfs. With that being said, the player base incorporated him into the joke. Morello had a bad day, better nerf Irelia! Nowadays, if one even mentions a champion being overpowered, it is likely that someone will respond with "better nerf Irelia".
Even though this champion has been beat beneath the rubble, Irelia is still a very strong pick. Her mechanics are what makes her a terror, not the numbers that she dishes out. Irelia has amazing sustain with her Hiten Style, an on-demand stun, true damage, and built-in tenacity with Ionian Fervor. She can also be built as a pure DPS threat or a beefy tank, with very little difference in damage output.


  • Slivrax says:
    March 15, 2012 at 8:19 PM

    great post, i'm glad that the meme might've worked!

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